Harishchand & Sons is extremely proud of its achievements and continuously aspires towards its vision to become one of the most recognized brand tradings in textile, Globally.


Here at Harishchand & Sons, we deliver you the quality and value that we promise. We maintain adequate transparency of work to develop and foster long-term relationships with our clients.

About HarishChand & Sons


Established in the Year 1988, Harishchand & Sons is a growing Indian brand, trading in Textile Yarn. We are located and operate from Ranipur, Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh).

We provide a wide range of textile yarns to commercial textile manufacturers for the purpose of manufacturing textile products, in many states of India: Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Uttarpradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal, and more.

We are equipped with a team of professionals and it is due to our dedicated hard work and integrity towards work, that Harishchand & Sons has been able to thrive, by delivering satisfactory services and quality yarns, in the textile market for the past 34 years now.


Our Team

Sales Manager 

He is most proficient in the textile trade, working with Harishchand and Sons for over 30 years now. His motto “The quality we promise, is the quality we deliver” lays the foundations of delivering the finest products to our clients.

Hemant Kumar Jain

Harishchandra Jain


He has been associated with Harishchand and Sons ever since, focusing on offering “the very best yarn, for the very best manufacturing”. And it is the result of all his dedicated work and over 34 years of invested commitment, to develop the brand as it stands today in the market.

Operational Manager

Saransh Jain

As the youngest member in the Team he believes in the “Sysmtectatic flow of work”. Expanding  Harishchand and Sons to new heights with innovative Knowledge. 

How We Function

Harishchand & Sons facilitates the network of delivery in the Textile Yarn Market, by serving as an important link in between the Yarn Manufacturing Industries &  Commercial Textile Manufacturers. We assist in providing the Yarn, that is being manufactured in the Textile Industries, to Commercial Textile Manufacturers, for end-user Textile Product production. Our Client Management Head Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain, analyses and understands the need for Yarns, which are currently in high demand in the Textile Commercial Market,  As this helps us to avail our clients with the Yarn Product that would exactly meet their requirements. Then our Operational Head Mr. Saransh Jain does a quality check of the Yarn Product to meet our client’s standard expectations. He starts by checking the condition of the Yarn that is being delivered to us, according to which he assigns a team of experienced workers to start on the process of refining (removing the upper tangled part of the Yarn from the cone) and cleaning, so as to achieve the finest quality of that Yarn.

We do this so our clients can directly use the Yarn, provided by Harishchand & Sons, for manufacturing purposes, consequently, saving them the whole complexity of product refining. Our Operational Head also holds the responsibility of storing the stock in the warehouses, under suitable conditions. Harishchand & Sons take extra measures for the safety and security of our stock and surroundings, respectively.

When the order is received, we dispatch the Yarn in the premium packaging, along with making arrangements for the logistic services, before doing a final quality check of that Yarn. Harishchand & Sons maintains a proper record of its business activities (operational & financial), in a very reliable manner. It is a consistent process, done under the surveillance of Mr. Harishchand Jain & Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain, along with a team of experts who are specialized in digital record keeping & accounting. This is to ensure the fulfillment of our commitments towards lawsuits, monitor progress, and help guide our future business decisions.


Have any Question?

What is Haishchand and Sons product expertise?

Majorly (90%) trading in the Polyester yarn, among the other varieties of Spun, Nylon and Cotton textile.

Can I return the yarn I bought at Harishchand and Sons?

If the Yarn delivered by Harishchand and Sons is not up to your expected standards, you can return it on the money back guarantee. Given that the Yarn in question is still on the same market demand.

What is the price structure?

Prices are charged according to the ongoing market trend, directly depending upon the current market price of the product and are ajustable.

I want to order or inquire about the yarn?

Go to our Contact Us  section and fill out the inquiry form, we will contact you back within the 24 hours.