Spun Yarn

Spun Yarn is obtained by twisting the fibers of two different yarns made into one long filament, it is one of the most splendid yarns available in the Textile Market.
You can find the finest quality of PC (Polyester Cotton) and PV (Polyester Viscose) Yarn at Harishchand & Sons, available in most colors, at a value relatively inexpensive to market price.
By combining the property advantages of two different yarns, our PC Yarn is best used for the production of clothing fabrics. As it provides the softness and comfort of Cotton, along with Polyester’s moisture-resistant quality.
PV and PC Yarns are highly sold for the purpose of making sewing thread, as these are very durable and strong yarns.

Spun Yarn
  • 70/24/1, 70/24/2
  • 100/24/1, 100/24/2
  • 70/68/2
  • Air Covered with Spandex
  • Air Texturise
  • FDY Twisted Dyed

Spun Dyed Yarn Range

ProductDenier RangeNo. of FilamentsLusterRemarks
Spun Polyester Yarn Count1/20’s, 1/50’s, 1/40’s, 2/12’s, 2/20’s, 2/24’s, 2/30’s, 2/40s, 2/50’sSemi Dull100% Polyester & Its Blends

Specialty Products We Make

Sewing Thread Yarn (Polyester Spun Yarn)2/60’s, 3/60’s Or Any elseSemi DullAvailable in Small & Big Packages